Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beer & Fernet Stock

In the Czech Republic, they do boilermakers a little different. The spirit of choice is usually an 80 proof bitters called Fernet Stock from the Czech city of Plzen-Bozkov. Mixing the Fernet into the beer is frowned upon. Shooting the Fernet is optional. The preferred method is sipping the Fernet just before taking a drink of the beer. The Fernet prepares the palette for the beer, intensifying its taste.

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Alino said...

never ever combine fernet with beer and coca cola, I did so yesterday and now i am so devastated. Rare shit comes out of my annus wilfully all the time for 20 hours. And when I sneeze, it just flashes out of my ass. I am dehydrated and I have to drink a lots of liquid stuff like tea and water... I am also hungry, but cannot eat, because my guts are moving like there is a snake, and my stomach feels like it's damaged. Last night I tried to hold the shit in my ass until I reach to toilet, but something strange happened, my shit found another exit, yes, I just did vomit poop out of my mouth ;[ Very bad experience is this and I am still experiencing this problem, hope I'll get better soon.