Saturday, July 28, 2007

Svijany, a Beer You Don't Want to Miss

If you see this sign, and you're a beer drinker, do yourself the favor of stopping immediately and getting yourself a Svijany beer. (That's pronounced SVEE-yah-nee.) But be forewarned, you're not going to find a pub that serves Svijany on every corner. Even in Prague, finding this delightful Bohemian beer isn't easy. And that's because this small brewery located in northern Bohemia (near the border with Poland) in the Liberec region does not can its beer, it does not bottle its beer, it does not even keg its beer. No, Svijany only brews tankovna beer or what can be called tank beer. At no time during the brewing process are chemicals added and Svijany beer is non-pasteurized and is served from specially designed tanks which are supplied directly from the brewery (via a beer tanker truck).

In regards to taste, Svijany is a Bohemian lager in the tradition of Pilsner Urquell. It uses Zatec hops, which gives it a slightly sweeter taste than the average Czech beer.

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